Quality is the key to success in this competitive field. With more than 35 years’ professional experience in Industrial and Commercial Plant manufacturing, we spend as much time in the auditing of each item in the production process. From purchasing, processing, assembly, installation, painting, performance testing & shipment, every procedure must pass very strict quality control.

Our Quality standards are maintained to satisfy Third party inspections from leading agencies such as LLoyds, EIl, BVQ, IBR, PDIL, NPCIL, DNV, TUV, etc.

Our in house testing facilities includes essential equipment’s for Tensile testing, Impact testing, Radiography (X-Ray), Ultrasonic Testing, etc.

Chemical testing, IGC testing and magnetic particle testing, Liquid Penetration testing are done at most reliable and approved laboratories

“Comp Air” was awarded ISO 9002 in 1997 and ISO 9001 in 1999, and also EMC approval in 1998. These certificate our commitment to produce quality and reliability to meet the customer's demand wherever & whenever they need us.

As a customer-oriented & high-tech-driven company, we make the highest quality products by closing monitoring all levels of operations, including the selection of suppliers, strict quality control and a quality upgrade inspection. We delicate our diligence onto the quality control to our customers.


  • Strict quality checks are carried out at each level of production process.
  • All Raw material & bought-outs items are checked for visual, tensile strength, mechanical analysis and chemical composition as and when required.
  • Regular calibration of all Measuring instruments are done as per ISO 9001.

(2) Design and manufacturing Standards /Codes

  • ASME Sec. I, III, VIII Div - 1 & Div – 2
  • TEMA
  • API-660, API-661

(3) Welding facility

  • We have latest Welding equipments in house for SAW, SMAW, MIG & TIG process.
  • We have various welding procedures qualifications & qualified Welders.
  • We have vast Experience over various metallurgies.
  • We have executed orders for ferrous & nonferrous materials.


    • Normalized strength
    • High strength
    • Ferritic steel
    • Martensitic steel
    • Austenitic steel
    • Duplex/super duplex
    • Ti - Gr. I / Gr. II
    • Cu-Ni 90/10
    • Cu-Ni 70/30
    • Admiralty / Naval Brass
    • Aluminium-Nickel-Bronze