Inter Cooler & After Cooler

Inter Cooler And After Cooler

Inter-Coolers & After-Cooler are used for cooling of airgas which gets heated up during the different stages of compression of airgas.

We carry out thermal, mechanical design and then manufacture the entire ranges of Inter-Coolers & After-Coolers suitable for Compressors manufactured by MS Ingersoll Rand, Kirlokskar, Khosla, Chicago Puematic, Atlas Copco etc for their different capacities Compressors. These Coolers are manufactured as per the codes specified by the customer like TEMA RCB and ASME Codes.

Generally the Inter Coolers & After Cooles are manufactured out of the Carbon Steel and CopperStainless SteelAdmiraltyCupro-Nickel (9010)Cupro-Nickel(7030) Tubes depending upon the type of cooling water available.

We also have data regarding the various Inter-Coolers & After-Coolers supplied with the compressors from major compressor manufacturers. In that case we confirm our design and parameters vis a vis the existing ones and manufacture the same.

We carry out the manufacture Inter-Coolers & After Coolers exactly as per the Client's existing Coolers. For the same we depute our technical representative to Client's Site, examine the Cooler and manufacture the new Turbine Oil Cooler exactly as per the existing ones.