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Pressure vessel

We manufacture various types of pressure vessels custom made for a wide range of applications.

Our product range includes air receivers, surge tanks, accumulators, blowdown tanks, flash tanks, expansion tanks, filter vessel, distillation columns, hot water generators, hydropneumatic tanks, nitrogen storage tanks, LP heater assembly, propane tanks, propane dispenser tanks, pressure vessels, refrigeration vessels, horizontal ammonia receivers, vertical ammonia receivers, oil pots, scrubbers, separators and more.

With adherence and conformance to national and international codes of design and fabrication, our equipments are supplied for shore as well as off shore.

We have been accredited with ASME, "U", "U2" and "R" stamp along with NB registration for manufacturing of pressure vessels. We are also an IBR approved workshop for manufacturing of boiler ancillary equipments, and by CCOE Nagpur for vessels manufactured for explosive media.

Steel is purchased direct from renowned manufacturers all over India to get the best competitive rates. For small quantities and quicker deliveries we also purchase steel from our reliable and well established traders and stockiest, who can deliver plates of approved and recognised steel manufacturers, in wide range of thickness with a minimum lead time of 1 or 2 days.

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